Boss Gable Roof Tiny House/Insulated Building 8.5' x 26'


The Boss gable roofed tiny home/insulated storage building is perfect for all weather. Our Tiny House kits can be built at any location by you.


A variety of looks, colors, sizes and finishes at very affordable prices is available to get the look you want. This unique modular insulated building incorporates insulated composite walls and roof panels. They are the perfect alternative to building an office, workshop, hobby room, temporary shelter with conventional construction materials like metal studs and drywall or concrete block. They are manufactured with durable coil-coated galvanized steel that sandwiches a fire-retardant CFC-Free Poly-Urethane insulation.


Fast and efficient shelter solutions

Boss Prefab Tiny Homes can be erected behind your existing home, on a construction site as temporary office space, or taken to a remote location for building off the grid. They assemble in 2 days and can also be disassembled and relocated to another site. Installation and set-up is so fast and efficient because we pre-fabricate all of the components at our factory. No cutting or measuring is necessary. Complete with a key lockable door and deadbolt, this attractive gabled mini house will protect your loved ones and keep your hobby crafts or your business assets safe from loss.


Create more living space in just hours

In just 1 weekend, with less than 240 square feet of ground, you can have a home office, a she-shed or private quarter for an elderly relative. This cozy Duramax Tiny Home Kit includes everything you need to create a sturdy, comfortable and versatile working or living area that will weather any storm. It has been meticulously designed to withstand temperature extremes, resist pests and assemble without any specialized expertise. Its interior space measures approximately 7.8’H x 8.3’D x 26’W for over 1,700 cubic feet of usable space. This innovative house kit makes it quick and easy to meet the needs of an aging family, give parents a respite from the kids, or simply provide additional storage for household goods.


Durable and enduring

We chose our components for their strength and resilience under a range of conditions. It incorporates termite-proof insulated composite walls and roof panels manufactured with durable coil-coated galvanized steel and fire-retardant polyurethane insulation. This results in strong lasting walls that mitigate heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Coupled with a corrugated, insulated roof, this model makes a comfortable guest house, or a climate-friendly storage shed kit. Insulation keeps contents up to 15% warmer or cooler than outside temperatures.


Smooth interior wall panels can be painted to your preference and also allow for easy installation of shelves and cabinetry. Our kit includes 3 double-pane 24” x 36” windows and 2 double pane 24” x 24” windows. Impervious to rust, rot, mildew and termites, the Boss Gabled Tiny House Kit is also snow-load tested up to 35 lbs per square foot for your peace of mind.

  • Prefabricated house assembles quickly, in as little as 6-7 hours.
  • All-weather tiny home kit has been snow load tested to 35 lbs / sq. ft.
  • Fire-retardant CFC-free polyurethane insulation is ideal for all climates.
  • Panels insulated with polyurethane in between galvanized steel on outside and smooth inside
  • Durable coil-coated galvanized steel will not rust, rot or mildew.
  • Impervious to Termites
  • Corrugated insulated roof never needs re-shingled.
  • Includes foundation kit, 5 windows and key lockable door.
  • 3 Double Pane 24" x 36" Windows Included!
  • 2 Double Pane 24" x 24" Windows Included!
  • Smooth interior wall finish allows easy installation of shelves.
  • Can be disassembled and reassembled should you move.
  • Insulation keeps stored items up to 15% cooler or warmer than outside temperatures!
  • No replacement of roof shingles needed ever!


Your Boss Gabled Tiny Home Kit is covered by a 7-Year Limited Warranty. Our FAST, FREE shipping allows a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to your housing or office space shortage.


Build a relaxing hideaway or storage building in your own backyard. Add the Boss Prefab Tiny Home Kit to your cart today.

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