Privacy 12″ T&G Fence (6ft. High x 8ft. Wide)


6ft. High x 8ft. Wide


One of our bestselling fence styles is the Privacy Fence. This fence style has no gaps between its solid panels for a wall-like partition giving you total privacy from your neighbors.

It is most suitable for those who want to keep their outdoor spaces separated from their neighbors on each side of their property. Especially if you live in an urban area or a community with closely built homes. Create a secure and private outdoor living space with Duramax Privacy Fences!

 With the Privacy Fence, you are able to sit on your patio or deck in your pajamas and read your morning newspaper while sipping on your morning coffee without prying eyes looking at you. A privacy fence helps homeowners create a safe space for their kids, even pets. It also keeps your children away from unwanted observances.

This common fence style is a significant upgrade to wood fencing with a low maintenance vinyl that will not rot, stain, attract termites, or wear out over time. The Duramax Privacy Fence is built with a strong route-and-lock system so the pickets, rails, and posts will never pull apart. This construction is far superior to screws and brackets which not only fail over time, but are also on eyesore.

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