Gable Top Insulated Building 13x10


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The DuraMax gable roofed insulated storage building / cabin is perfect for all weather. Fire retardant CFC-free polyurethane insulation. This unique modular insulated building incorporates insulated composite walls and roof panels. They are manufactured with durable coil-coated galvanized steel that sandwiches a fire-retardant CFC-Free Poly-Urethane insulation.

Give yourself some breathing room

Create extra usable space for your family or your business with this prefabricated garden house and storage building kit by Duramax. On a plot of less than 150 sq ft, you can build a man cave, she-shed, secure storage space or even a tiny house for an elderly parent. This all-inclusive prefab shed kit includes everything you need to erect a sturdy home office space in your backyard or at a construction zone in as little as 7 hours. Thoughtfully designed to endure temperature extremes and be impervious to pests, the Duramax Gable Top Insulated Storage Building measures 13’W x 10’D x 8.5’H for a generous 1105 cubic feet of space for storing seasonal furnishings and decor or providing administrative support at a remote worksite.

Durable and versatile

To create a strong and reliable prefabricated house kit that endures whatever Mother Nature throws at it, we incorporated termite-proof composite walls and roof panels that are impervious to termites, mold and corrosion. Manufactured with coil-coated galvanized steel sandwiches fire-retardant polyurethane insulation to help keep people and contents up to 15% warmer in winter or cooler in summer than outside temperatures. Snow load tested to 50 lbs per square foot and boasting a key lockable door with deadbolt, this resilient garden house and tiny home kit is ideal for storing tools and equipment as well as soft furnishings like couches and bedding. It also makes a comfortable cabin kit for building off the grid.

Fast and efficient, with room to grow

The Gable-Top Storage Building comes complete with a foundation kit and a double-pane 27.6" Wide x 31.5" Height window. All components have been prefabricated to make installation and set-up quick and easy. It assembles in as little as 5 hours and can be disassembled and reassembled if you move or your business model changes. This innovative shelter can be expanded on with optional extension kits to accommodate your growing storage or office needs.


Your Duramax Gable-Top Storage Building is covered by a 7-Year Limited Warranty. Our FAST, FREE shipping allows a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to your office, housing or storage space shortage.

Secure valuable equipment or add a hide-away to your backyard. Add the Duramax Prefab Storage Shed Kit to your cart today. 

  • Prefabricated storage building assembles in as little as 5 hours.
  • All-weather shed kit has been snow load tested to 50 lbs / sq. ft.
  • Fire-retardant CFC-free polyurethane insulation is ideal for all climates.
  • Insulation keeps stored items up to 15% cooler or warmer than outside temperatures!
  • Durable coil-coated galvanized steel will not rust, rot or mildew.
  • Corrugated insulated roof never needs re-shingled.
  • Smooth Interior Wall Finish allows for shelving to be easily mounted on all wall panels
  • Impervious to Termites
  • Includes Foundation Kit, 1 Double Pane Window and Key Lockable Door.
  • Can be disassembled and reassembled to a new work site.
  • Extension kits available to enlarge the building on either side.
  • (Plywood Flooring Recommended, Not Sold)

     In order to ship we will need you to answer these questions please to make sure there are no delivery issues.

    The order will be delivered by Common Carrier. On the insulated building, it will arrive in 2 large crates.  One that is 120x45x45 inches weighing about 1000 lbs. Then another crate that is shipped on top that weighs 450 lbs and measures 112x45x15 inches.

    Please confirm that you have received common carrier deliveries in a large tractor trailer in the past.  The truck box may be 48-53’ long.

    Are roads to your residence accessible for a semi-truck?

    Do you have any specific weight restrictions?

    No overhang from trees that would block the road.

    The delivery is tail gate and the carrier will unload the crates from the back of the truck off a lift gate and drop to the ground at curb (they will not take it on to property or to the back). Please note someone may have to assist the driver with unloading.

    The carrier will call at least one day before to confirm a delivery window.  Please be there otherwise if it has to be rescheduled there is an additional redelivery charge.

    If you are unable to accept the item this will be considered a delivery refusal. Delivery refusal will result in a refund minus restocking fees as well as inbound and outbound freight fees. Do not refuse your delivery for any reason other than damage. Redelivery fees will apply. Once an order has left the warehouse for shipment all costs incurred by to facilitate the order including inbound and outbound shipping costs as well as a restocking fee due to the warehouse will be deducted from the customer refund for all cancellations. 

    Sheds can be difficult to install, we make it easy for you with qualified technicians. Visit HandyBuddy to schedule your expert today.

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    Looks GREAT!!

    Very well built insulated shed.

    Looks GREAT!!

    Complicated, labor intensive long as no leaks we are good, time will tell.

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