Duramax StoreAway Arc Lid 1200L (2 Colors)


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The beauty of your porch, patio, or yard comes as much from tidiness as your choice of plants and flowers; neatly tucking away your tools, toys, trash, and recycling, however, can be challenging. The DuraMax StoreAway Arc Lid Box makes it effortless, thanks to smart design, sturdy materials, and a roomy, reinforced interior; it measures 56” wide by 32.50” deep and 49” high to fit everything you need to store. Whether you use the spacious inside to stash your garbage cans, yard tools, or cushions from your outdoor furniture, you’ll love how easy it is to fill up and unpack at a moment’s notice. If you ever wished you had a place for all the seasonal items or bins cluttering up your deck, you’ve just found the solution - and it looks great!

Durable Resin Plastic: Strong and trustworthy, the durable resin construction of this storage cabinet won’t rust, splinter, fade, or absorb water, making it ideal as an all-season stash. Unlike wooden or wicker cabinets, it’s made to last, even when exposed to driving rain or unexpected snowstorms.

Slide Bolt Closure: Whether you’re concerned about children’s curiosity or wild animal determination, the slide bolt closure keeps the doors firmly in place. A loop-over-loop structure allows you to thread a padlock (not included) through as well, ensuring your belongings stay secure even when you aren’t at home.

Arched Lid: The clever arch of the hinged lid isn’t just a stylish element - it works to divert rain, snow, leaves, and other debris as well. The lid and sides open fully for easy rinsing and airing out, a convenient feature for seasonal or periodic cleaning if the unit is used to hold trash cans. The grid-like interior structure of the box panels provides the perfect balance of lightweight handling and structural strength.

Ample Storage: With an interior volume of 1200L / 317 gallons, this isn’t your average compact deck storage box. It delivers the maximum amount of useful storage space in a minimal footprint, making it ideal for smaller or difficult-to-navigate porches, patios, and decks. At 53 pounds, it’s also easy to handle, but won’t topple when the wind picks up.

Low-Profile Floor: With a purpose-built low floor edge, it’s easy to wheel garbage, lawn, or recycling bins in and out of the box without needing to lift or risking tip-over. Safeguard your trash against curious critters between trash days: this sturdy design ensures you’ll never wake up to lawn-scattered cans and a ripped-up trash bag again. 

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