Duramax Roof Snow Support Kit


The Super Roof Support Kit is designed to boost the roof weight support rating for regions of the country that have heavy snow fall. Note that you should always try to minimize the snow buildup on your shed as snow can freeze and become extremely heavy. These universal kits work with our larger 10' Wide PVC sheds Model #'s 30214, 40214, 40224, 40234


If you live in an area that receives Excessive snowfall in the winter, you can increase the roof load capacity of your 10' Wide Duramax sheds storage shed by installing a snow load kit. This kit includes heavy duty roof support trusses with brackets To reinforce one roof truss of the shed. These reinforcements will increase the snow load capacity of one roof truss up to 30 Lbs/square ft. All hardware included. Compatible with shed models Woodbridge, Woodbridge Plus and Woodside

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