Duramax Plastic Heavy Duty Multipurpose Freestanding 3 Tier Shelving Unit


The most underused storage space in a home, particularly on an outdoor porch or patio, is vertical area. While there’s only so much floor space to work with, going up means that you can keep a great deal neatly stacked and organized without messy bins or boxes. This sturdy shelving rack has all the room you need for lawn and garden items, outdoor entertaining pieces, and even actively-growing container gardens, right at your fingertips. With four wide plank-style shelves, you’ll be able to store, display, and organize anything you need to, all from the comfort of your favorite outdoor space.

  • Trustworthy Support: From weighty power tools to heavy ceramic plant pots, you need a shelving rack that can handle your belongings without bending, toppling, or weakening. Each of the three 35.4” wide x 17.7” deep x 17.5” tall shelves in this sturdy rack can hold up to 150 pounds, with a total evenly-distributed capacity of 600 pounds for the entire 38.8” high unit.
  • Made for Outdoor Use: While this shelving rack is fantastic inside a basement or garage, it’s weatherproof for hassle-free outdoor use as well. The UV-resistant plastic resin won’t fade, crack, or chip the way untreated plastic would, ensuring that your outdoor storage solution stays looking new and attractive season after season. Each shelf is also designed to allow both air and water to pass through, eliminating the flat, solid spaces where water or dust could build up over time.
  • Ideal for Planting: Garden enthusiasts, rejoice - this shelf is a perfect match for users with a green thumb. The vented shelves allow you to effortlessly water plant pots without needing to remove them from the shelves first, cutting down on maintenance time. This special vented surface design also promotes excellent airflow, helping your plants and seedlings alike grow strong.
  • Easy to Assemble: There’s no need for tools, nails, or screws: the shelf components of this outdoor-ready unit simply slide onto plastic posts to create a finished, durable piece of outdoor storage furniture. Assembles in minutes for a fast, easy solution to clutter on the porch, patio, or garage floor. While durable and strong once assembled, the individual pieces are lightweight and assembly only requires one person.

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