Duramax Modular Recycle Bin


Keeping your home, workplace, or even event space tidy can be difficult: the more visitors you have, the more refuse is produced that needs to be sorted and discarded. Make things easier on yourself with this clever modular recycling bin. It allows you to quickly and easily differentiate between recycled goods and waste, covers the top of each bin to prevent insect or rodent incursion, and features conveniently wheeled bases for easy movement across a room or outside for disposal.

  • Easy to Identify: All bins are a uniform grey with a highly visible white front image that describes their contents - plastic bottles, paper recycling, or general waste - as well as color-coded tops to help instantly identify them. In our display image, the blue top is used for plastics, the green for general waste, and the red for paper, but all lids are interchangeable to suit your needs.
  • Perfectly Sized: The right can size is essential to work well with your cleaning and organizational routines: each of these 3 cans are large enough to hold a great deal, but small enough to fit almost anywhere. Each can holds up to 46 liters and measures 49” in width, 13” in depth, and 27” in height with the lid in place when all are set together.
  • Easy to Move: The bases of each can are not only wider than the can base to add stability and prevent tipping, they also come equipped with plastic caster wheels to easily glide over flat surfaces like interior floors and level concrete. The bases also interlock, allowing you to use these cans individually in separate areas or connected to create a single uniform refuse / recycling area.
  • Eco-Friendly Measures: “Going green” can be challenging for businesses and offices, but this trio of well-designed garbage and recycling bins takes the effort out of it. Simply line each can with your trash bags of choice and the visible signage and color-coding will guide those using them to sort their own items. From there, you can simply remove the full bag or wheel out the entire individual can for collection and sorting by either your municipal or contracted waste companies, depending on your needs

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