Duramax Junior Chair Deluxe


How much a child learns during their school day is dependent on a lot of things - ensuring they’re comfortable is an important way to keep them focused on their lessons. This propylene kids chair removes the distractions of a too-hard seat, or connection points that could pinch little fingers by accident. While a well-built chair can’t solve the all-too-familiar problem of keeping energetic young pupils in their seats during a lesson, it makes sure that they have a comfortable “landing spot” when it’s time to settle down.

Made for Kids: From kindergarten children to grade school attendees, this chair is built to last. Able to handle up to 92.6 pounds of static weight load capacity, it’s durable enough for older children, and scaled to fit their younger siblings with equal ease. Build to withstand even the most wiggle-prone little bodies, this chair will provide year after year of superior performance for kids of all ages.

Healthy Posture: Slumping, bending, and arching might just seem like expressive body language in kids, but over time they can actually do harm to their young bones and muscles. The Junior Chair Deluxe gently encourages good posture practices, keeping their spines aligned to give their growing bodies a great head start.

Easy to Store: When cleaning up a classroom or converting a homeschool learning area, space is always at a premium. Make circle time or cleanup time that much easier: these stackable chairs nest into one another vertically in moments. This allows you to store a classroom’s worth of chairs in a single corner, freeing up floor space for other educational opportunities.

Quick Cleanup: Kids love to make messes, but that doesn’t mean tidying up needs to be a chore. The smooth, non-absorbent surface of these chairs is easy to clean up with a soft cloth and mild detergent for general cleaning and routine disinfection. This keeps germs, stains, and spills in the trash, not the classroom, and keeps the learning environment free of distractions.

Perfectly Sized: While traditional adult chairs can hold children, seating that’s properly scaled to their bodies makes a big difference in comfort levels. This chair measures 20.90” high from the floor to the top of the back, 12.60” wide, and 14.96” deep - just the right size for kindergarten, elementary, and grade school-aged children. These chairs are an excellent fit for the Duramax Kindergarten Table (sold separately), and ideal for creating a matching set.

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