Duramax Felix 62" Wood Desk with Drawer


Felix is a stylish and contemporary desk that will blend perfectly into any room in your house. The table has a 62” veneer wood top that provides ample space to put a computer or laptop and includes a convenient flush drawer to store pens, paper, or a laptop.  Supported by solid wood legs that contain an aluminum crossbar coated in black further accentuates the frame and provides additional support. Felix is a versatile piece of furniture that can also be used as a console or buffet table, the choice is simply yours. 

  • Beautifully stained veneer wood top.
  • Convenient flush drawer allows you to store pens, paper, or a laptop and keeps your worktop clutter-free.
  • Solid wood legs contain an aluminum crossbar powder coated in black that further accentuates the beauty of the desk.
  • Can be used as a desk, console, or buffet table.
  • A stylish and contemporary addition to place anywhere in your home. 
  • 30" H x 62" W x 24" D
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