Duramax 15 x 8 Apex Pro Vinyl Shed with Foundation, 2 Windows and 2 Doors


Sheds can be difficult to install, we make it easy for you with qualified technicians. Visit HandyBuddy to schedule your expert today.

The Apex Pro is the latest line of quality sheds produced under the Duramax brand. US Polymers Inc. Created the name Duramax to signify Durability and Maximum quality and value. The Apex Pro has large double entry and double side doors. This provides storage accessibility from either side of the shed, ensuring maximum utilization of storage and it is easier to acquire the stored equipment. The Apex Pro was attractively designed to add beauty and blend into any yard area. The Apex Pro is maintenance free. It never needs painting and won't rust, rot or dent and is impervious to wood eating insects. This shed has 2 creatively designed skylights on the roof and 2 front windows for light control and has 4 slotted vents for air flow. The Apex Pro has more of the physical characteristics of a house than a shed. The fire-retardant vinyl resin panels are supported by Heavy-Duty interior galvanized steel columns, beams and trusses for strength and roof snow load. Vinyl unlike polyethylene which some manufacturers use is fire retardant and safe to store all your flammable items. The 15-years warranty supports our guarantee of quality and longevity. It has a step by step instruction manual to simplify assembly. We suggest 2-people to facilitate assembly.

  • Foundation floor framing kit included! (finish with plywood or concrete; not included)
  • Made from superior fire-retardant vinyl plastic resin
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel interior beams, columns and trusses for unmatched strength and snow load
  • 2 large windows on the front of the shed for additional light control while adding aesthetics to increase the overall look of the shed
  • 2 large skylights on the roof
  • Won't rust, dent, rot, mildew or ever need painting and is impervious to wood eating insects
  • Wide and high double entry front and side doors for easy access in acquiring stored equipment
  • Uniquely designed to add beauty to the backyard, it looks more like a home than a shed
  • Passes Wind Test (when anchored to the ground)
  • 15-year warranty - the longest in the industry, insuring long-life and product quality
  • Free Fast Shipping
 Model Number 40216
Product Name 15'x8' Apex Pro
Base Color Adobe
Roof/Doors Dark Grey
Exterior Length 97.40 Inches
Exterior Width 190.6 Inches
Exterior Height 92.3 Inches
Interior Length 92.2 Inches
Interior Width 185.5 Inches
Interior Height 73 Inches
Interior Cu. Ft of Space 723
Door Width 60.6 Inches
Door Height 71.5 Inches
Approximate Box Weight 481

Sheds can be difficult to install, we make it easy for you with qualified technicians. Visit HandyBuddy to schedule your expert today.

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