Duramax 110 Gallon Deck Box Brown


Your outdoor items - furniture, servingware, cushions, and even sports equipment - all need to be safely stowed to prevent weather damage. Crates and bins don’t always fit with your patio aesthetic, and they take up useful space when you have friends and family visiting. The DuraMax 416L Deck Box measures 51” long by 27” wide and 24.60” high, offering the storage space you need to keep your items dry, clean, and out of sight without sacrificing seating. With one (or two!) of these durable resin plastic deck boxes on your porch or patio, you’ll have convenient access to your items, allowing you to enjoy the view from your yard all year round.

  • Waterproof Construction: Although the DuraMax Deck Box looks like it’s made out of trendy wood planking, it’s actually shaped from reinforced resin plastic. That means it won’t absorb water, splinter, or rot, no matter how rainy or sunny the weather gets. The belongings inside stay safe and protected from moisture, yet ready at your fingertips whenever you need them.
  • Lock-Ready Closure: This large deck box opens easily with one hand, thanks to an inset slot and handle in the front. Within the handle, an interlocking set of rings can be connected with your favorite padlock (not included) to secure your items, even on an open-air patio or front porch. This feature is exceptionally handy for lake houses, cabins, and vacation homes.
  • Easy, Convenient Seating: While this strong deck box works great for simple storage, it also makes an excellent casual bench for up to two people. Use with or without your favorite outdoor cushions - the hinged top has no holes to the interior so rainwater runs right off, rather than pooling or dripping inside.
  • All-Season Storage: Use the spacious 416L / 110 gallon interior to store anything and everything you’d like handy while enjoying your outdoor spaces. The box holds items like gardening equipment in the spring, outdoor cushions, and lawn or pool toys in the summer, leaf bags and spare blankets in the fall, and rock salt in the winter to assist with deicing stairs and walkways.
  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy: Weighing in at 31.30 pounds, this deck box is light enough to move individually, but strong enough to withstand the elements too. If you need to move the box while it’s loaded up with belongings, thoughtful handles built into each side make it a breeze for two to move.
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