3-Pack Face Shield


Staying healthy is a two-part effort in today’s world: it involves taking precautionary measures against incoming germs while making sure you aren’t accidentally becoming part of the problem. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to do both. Our face shield can be worn by itself or in conjunction with your favorite cloth or disposable face mask (not included) for layers of protection. This comfortable design is lightweight, adjustable, and effective for anyone that wants to stay safe without blocking visual range. Used by safety-minded wearers ranging from grocery shoppers to essential health care workers, this innovative face shield will help protect you against exposure to viruses like COVID-19.

Lightweight and Comfortable: The incredibly lightweight, flexible design of this face shield means you won’t get the headaches, hair-pulling and pinching common to other types of face masks, ensuring this model can be worn throughout the day. This feature makes the mask an excellent choice for those working with the public for several hours at a time.

Designed to Stack: The clear, waterproof shield protects you fully from any front-facing infectious moisture, such as another person talking, coughing, or sneezing in front of you. While this mask works well when used by itself, it can also be used over top of a traditional “mouth and nose” style mask to add extra protection - a must for the elderly, immunocompromised, or those that live with either one. Simply double up on mask types if additional security is desired.

Cushioned Foam Strip: Say so long to scratchy fabrics, elastic “burns” around the backs of the ears, or the dreaded “mask acne” from prolonged contact of mouth/nose masks on the face. The soft, thick foam strip conforms to your head, holding the shield at the perfect gap in front of your face to balance safety and breathing room.

Adjustable Fit: A smooth tongue-and-groove cutaway design in the durable plastic strips slides into itself for a secure hold. With four different slots available on the connection strip, you can customize the tension of your mask to fit well, all without straps, snaps, buttons, or elastics.

Easy to Sanitize: The clear front curved panel of this face mask is waterproof and smooth, which means you can use your sanitizer of choice to clean it off. Unlike cloth masks which need to be washed, or disposable masks which are thrown away, these masks are easy to clean and reuse several times over.

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