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DuraGrain Privacy Fence

If you are looking for a fence that looks and feels like a traditional wood fence, Duramax’s DuraGrain fence is perfect for you! It is a fully wood-grained vinyl fence that is durable and low maintenance because of DuraMax’s specially formulated vinyl material. 

Its advantages are the same with our privacy fences. It helps you create a safe and secured space in your property. And just like any of our other fences, it will not rot, pit, attract termites and is UV protected to prevent fading and discoloration. 

One unique thing about this product though is DuraMax DuraGrain Fences come in brilliant grained colors: white, tan and adobe. This can enhance the look of any home and yard. DuraMax allows you to even further customize the look of your yard by letting you select different accent colors for posts and rails! Backed with a lifetime warranty, DuraMax brings you a fence with a natural wood grain look that’s durable and low maintenance.

Duramax DuraGrain fences insulate 70% better than wood and 1600% better than aluminum fencing. This is good for environmental purposes and good for your pocket. We can guarantee you that this type of fence is cost effective, has low environmental impact, is low maintenance, and with proven performance and reliability.

DuraGrain Privacy Fence